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Kitty's uplifting stage presence and emotive performance pieces take you on journeys across the globe and deep into your heart with themes around nature, history and mental health. Quite a different feel to her comedy-pop songs (though the two styles compliment each other beautifully when combined on stage) Kitty Stewart's contemporary folk songs bring a sense of connection to the self, each other, the land and the natural world around us through intuitive and honest lyrics. 

With a natural ability to fuel her songs through the ancient gift of storytelling, Kitty's originals captivate listeners and create immersive experiences. From spine-tingling, haunting tales led by intrinsic finger-picking to upbeat strums and catchy choruses, you are sure to be left feeling moved, joyful and inspired.

"With just four strings she has the ability to enchant the audience...Kitty is a magnificent all-round performer with an incredibly warm personality..." - ROCK REGENERATION

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